Our Mission:

Promoting the efficiency of mosquito abatement, vector control and related activities through the encouragement of research, development of procedures, and interchanges of information within Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming.

Annual Meeting

2022 meeting has been cancelled

Regrettably, the WCMVCA 2022 Annual Meeting has been cancelled. The meeting was scheduled for February 16-17, 2022, and was to be held in Santa Fe, NM.  The facility has notified the WCMVCA they could no longer support the meeting due to staffing issues.  With the continuing Covid-19 situation, staffing shortages and limited time frame, the Board was unable to find a reasonable location for the 2022 meeting. The Board apologizes for any inconvenience.

Plans are underway for the 2023 meeting and information will be posted here when it is available.  We look forward to seeing you there!