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Code of Ethics

for Members of the West CentralMosquito & Vector Control Association


Mosquito control provides services which are increasingly important to the health, welfare and progress of society.  Those employed in the mosquito and vector control profession have the responsibility to render effective and professional service to humanity, in keeping with the high standards of ethical conduct.  Therefore, in striving to advance and maintain the honor and dignity of the profession, the West Central Mosquito and Vector Control Association has established the following code to define the conduct and ethics due the profession.  This code is binding on the membership of the WCMVCA.


  1. WCMVCA members will use their knowledge and skill for the betterment of human welfare.

  2. Members will, at all times, strive to maintain the public trust, and advance the standards and principles established by the WCMVCA.

  3. Members will cooperate in the exchange of information and technology for the growth and progress of the mosquito and vector control profession and the WCMVCA.

  4. Members will not cause dishonor to the Association through their actions while representing the WCMVCA.

  5. Members will promote solidarity, harmony and support among members and fellow workers.  They will not undermine, vilify, berate or otherwise intentionally injure the work, accomplishments, efforts or professional reputation of another.

  6. Members will not conduct or in any way participate in a fallacious review of the work of a fellow worker or other member.

  7. Members will help defend and morally support others against unjust claims and accusations.  They will defend the mosquito control profession and report to the Executive Board any member acting in a manner inconsistent with the policies and guidelines set forth by the WCMVCA.

  8. Charges of any violation of this code on the part of any member will be reviewed by the WCMVCA Executive Board and may, with a majority vote of the Board, result in, but not be limited to, censureship, loss of voting privileges within the Association, removal from Committee membership and removal from membership in the Association.



Accepted by WCMVCA Executive Board on February 21, 2007 at the Annual Board Meeting in Layton, Utah.

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